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    Dimanche 23 Décembre 2012 à 13:19
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    The profile Adrian The Gladiator is a space appropriate to the followers of the clubs leather of New York like those of Holland and France. Like each year, organized seminars, for evenings hardware and leather exits of associations SM. All the men hardware leather have the possibility of communicating directly by the means of this profile created by the French Artist Thierry LEPRINCE (Actor and Dance Music maker), who offers the pleasure to us of making divide on the platforms in lines such as YOU TUBES, FACEBOOK, DAILYMOTION, SKYROCK and well of other, its individual multiples devoted on NEW YORK city, as well as an immense homage to victims of WORLD TRADE CENTER Attacks. Thierry LEPRINCE: « My dream of child is gradually realized, to be able to devote mainly my artistic activity towards NEW YORKAIS and to offer to them of advantage and even more, that what they return me to through their admiration, in a majestic way. The men leather reflect me the image of an incomparable and protective power. They are the most human men whom I know and their extreme sensitivity, the pure image of the true male identity gives them. » Thierry LEPRINCE career below: Go to infos page… Contact management THIERRY LEPRINCE: 06 14 72 24 91
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